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Yes, the Grass is Greener on Our Side.
Career Opportunities Unheard of in the Industry
From day 1, a clear path to professional growth, leadership training and entrepreneurship
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Uncompromising Commitment to Empower Our People
Suntek Discipleship Program: Become a High Impact Leader
Education, skills, workshops, and training for high impact leadership
Your Health and Well-Being Matter.
US lawn care has a terrible labor health record.
We are unapologetically changing this reality.
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First US lawn care company certified by the American Green Zone Alliance.
Strategically partnered with non-profits to reduce health and environmental harm from noise and pollution.
Serving Locally to Thrive Globally
Supporting local communities. Partnered with change leaders. Compassionate for those in need.
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All presented statistics and environmental impact claims have been verified by AGZA (American Green Zone Alliance).