Turn your home’s exterior into the envy of the neighborhood with Suntek Residential Landscape for you!

Turn your home’s exterior into the envy of the neighborhood with Suntek Residential Landscape for you!

About Us

Learn about us and our mission: to facilitate eradicating all pollution from gardening and landscaping worldwide

about us

Goal nº 01

Eliminate all noise, air and environment pollution.
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Goal nº 02

Encourage the use of all sustainable energy and practices.
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Goal nº 03

Educate the landscaping industry on sustainable habits.


Experience the transformative power of a professional landscaper committed to a greener future, providing you with an uninterrupted sanctuary where peace, tranquility, and environmental sustainability thrive.
No crying babies.
No pet stress
No interrupted meetings
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Zero Carbon Footprint

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Ultra-Low Noise

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100% Sustainable

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No spill


The difference

We pride ourselves as the exclusive lawn care company worldwide certified by the prestigious American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA).

Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with a stunning lawn while safeguarding the well-being of our planet. Join us on this transformative journey!


Goliath, meet David.

For nearly a century, US lawn care has continuously polluted airways, spilling billions of gallons of gas and negatively impacting the health of workers, families, and communities. This is compounded by notoriously inadequate working conditions, with little concern for the millions of silent workers servicing American yards every day.

While clean alternatives have been available for over a decade, resistance from large corporations, lack of adequate training, and a “profit at any cost” culture has silenced most transition efforts.

We founded Suntek Zero Emission Lawn Care to revert this scenario, anchored in a mission to empower our people to serve our customers and local community through our uncompromising values of sustainability, empowerment, discipleship, excellence and servitude.

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More than 70% of people are already

embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle

[Source: Southern Cross University]

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major sustainable trend

in the United States!